Literacy Bridge is now Amplio!


Why did we change our name? Here’s the short answer:

 “People overwhelmingly assumed we worked in the formal education sector,” says founder and executive director Cliff Schmidt. “Our name was confusing to potential partners and donors.”

 When Literacy Bridge was founded in 2007, the idea was to use our Talking Book audio device to address global poverty by helping people learn to read.

 “However, when we tested this idea in the field, we quickly realized the Talking Book is better suited as a tool for sharing knowledge that empowers people to improve their health, income, and quality of life,” Schmidt adds.

Read our founder’s story here.

For the longer answer about why and how we changed our name, scroll on!

Founder Cliff Schmidt (right) shares an early Talking Book at Ghana’s district farmer awards.



amplio: To make wider, extend, increase, amplify


Matching our name with our mission

Although we operated as Literacy Bridge for 10 years, our name didn’t match the work we do. At conferences, we were grouped with the education track, when what we really offered was a simple, cost-effective information and communication technology for development solution that enables organizations to share knowledge with the world’s hardest to reach communities, where people face multiple barriers to accessing knowledge — including poverty, low literacy, lack of electricity, locally-spoken dialects, and gender biases.

In 2016, we made the big decision to rebrand. We hired Minerva Strategies, a Seattle strategic communications firm that works mission-driven organizations, to conduct research and stakeholder interviews, and help us brainstorm and test new names. Through Minerva’s thoughtful process, we arrived at the name Amplio — a Latin verb that means “make wider, increase, extend, amplify.”

Amplio speaks volumes about the way our technology solution enables our global partners to amplify their messages and the voices of the communities they serve, extend their geographic reach, and increase their impact.

Rebranding isn’t easy. It takes time to adopt a new identity, change your name, and update communications. In early 2018, Minerva Strategies helped build a simple website with our new name, logo, and “look and feel.” 


Telling the Amplio story

In July, we were ready to take our new brand to the next level, so we teamed up with Sugarbird Marketing, a purpose-driven marketing and communications firm, to strengthen our messaging platform, create new content, and build a more comprehensive WordPress website.

“We are so proud to have had the opportunity to help Amplio tell the powerful story of the work it does to empower people to change their own lives,” says Janinne Brunyee, CEO of Sugarbird Marketing.

Drawing on personal stories, powerful images and real-world examples, the new website delivers critical information to all of our important audiences.

“As Amplio, we make it possible for international development organizations like UNICEF to amplify and widen their impact through the Talking Book audio device and programs — so we can bridge the knowledge gap in the world’s most vulnerable communities,” says Cliff Schmidt.

We invite you to explore our new website to learn more about Amplio’s technology, partners, and impact. Your support makes this work possible!

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