Bea Covington brings international experience to position Amplio for new partnerships and growth

Amplio is delighted to introduce Bea Covington, Global Partnerships Director. An economist and strategic leader, Bea has worked for USAID, as well as private sector clients, in the United State, Africa, and Central Asia. At Amplio, Bea will strengthen existing partnerships, lead new business opportunities, and support the creation of a strong network of country offices and affiliates.  

Bea brings skills and experience to Amplio that will allow us to develop new strategic partnerships and help our partners achieve stronger results,” said executive director Cliff Schmidt. “She’s developed numerous partnerships, managed national-scale programs for USAID, and supported donor institutions with data-driven monitoring and evaluation. And she also has extensively studied how to best serve farmers with access to information and then applied that knowledge in the field. We’re thrilled to have her join our team.” 

Amplio welcomes Bea on Zoom

Amplio welcomes Bea to our Zoom office.

A commitment to collaborative partnerships and community engagement


Bea’s expertise includes program development, economic impact analysis, and monitoring and evaluation. She has supported the deployment of three start-up organizations (all of which are thriving today) and has scaled and operationalized pilot programs to national levels. For her work in Afghanistan, she received awards and recognition from the US Department of State and USAID for her team leadership, expertise, and collaboration, which substantially improved the utilization of stabilization metrics.

Throughout her career, Bea has honored a commitment to equity, community engagement, and stakeholder-driven processes. She said the Talking Book reflects her values.

“The opportunity to work with Amplio is exciting on many levels. When I interviewed, I immediately saw the value of the Talking Book as a tool for promoting education and inclusion in rural and remote communities. I’ve worked in a number of countries where women’s access to information and technology is severely constrained. The Talking Book makes it possible, for women in particular, to access information when it’s convenient and safe,” Bea said. “Amplio’s global partners use the Talking Book to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue, debate, and decision making. I see a lot potential for the Talking Book’s user feedback channel.” 


Bea Covington & corgis

Bea and her canine companions, Zelda and Fitzgerald, explore Ocean Shores, Washington.

Behavior change communication at heart of extension work, both domestically and internationally


Prior to joining the Amplio team, Bea was the Executive Director of the King Conservation District in Seattle, where she led a team working with private landowners and farmers to support the adoption of conservation practices on private properties. 

“Behavior change communication is at the heart of extension work, both domestically and internationally. Whether it’s private landowners in the U.S. who want to incorporate pollinator habitat gardens into their yards or nomadic herders in Morocco who need to change the way they harvest and use wood for fuel, providing access to timely and accurate information is critical. The Talking Book enables this. I look forward to seeing how many different places, and in how many different ways, we can use this exciting technology.”

You can contact Bea at She looks forward to meeting you!


Bea Covington began her career in international development as a Peace Corps volunteer. She taught and developed teacher training programs in Morocco and Togo, and served as a regional curriculum advisor to the Togolese Ministry of Education. Bea holds a M.S. in Natural Resource Economics and M.Ag. in Adult Education and Communication from the University of Florida. Connect with Bea on LinkedIn.

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