During our 2020 year-end campaign, senior software design engineer, Bill Evans, shared a project that gave him hope during the dark days of lockdown.

As I watched COVID-19 cases soar and our nation shut down last spring, I didn’t know what to do—I was overwhelmed. 

Here we all were, stuck at home and feeling helpless, as the reality of lockdown was sinking in. And then our colleagues in Ghana came up with a plan. Because their government’s COVID-19 response was focused on two major cities, the Amplio Ghana team decided to launch public health campaign in the Upper West Region. They mobilized to help save lives!

The Ghana government’s COVID-19 response did not reach the poorest and most vulnerable rural districts, but we did.  

In partnership with UNICEF, and with donor support, we were able to provide Talking Books loaded with COVID-19 messages to Ghana Health Service and deliver reliable, local language health information to “media dark” communities.


One of the simple technologies highlighted by the World Bank to fight COVID-19, the Talking Book is being used in Ghana to share information on symptoms and prevention strategies.

Toffic Dapilaah, monitoring and evaluation officer, Amplio Ghana, conducts a Talking Book training session for community health nurses in the Upper West Region.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Amplio Ghana team saw an opportunity to act. They partnered with district health directors and traditional leaders to record COVID-19 messages and get everyone on board. As a result, Talking Book messages reached over 200,000 people in eight districts in the Upper West region, enabling access to critical health information.

I got to do a tiny part to help out, and that gave me hope during lockdown. Mass media may not reach the most underserved people in rural, remote communities—but Talking Books do, and so can you.

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On behalf of Amplio and our partners, thank you. We’re grateful for your support!


Bill Evans
Senior Software Design Engineer

Amplio Network