Amplio works with in-country affiliates who have experience providing programs, partnerships, and solutions to address local needs. These affiliates provide technology training and support and offer a range of services to support Talking Book partners and programs. These include content creation, social and behavior change design, Talking Book deployment, program management, monitoring, and evaluation reports, and more.

Our affiliates understand the challenges of running community outreach programs in rural and remote communities as well as places such as refugee camps where people may have low literacy skills, speak local languages or dialects, and live without electricity or mobile network connectivity. They also understand how cultural context and traditional gender norms can create barriers to knowledge.


our solution

The Talking Book offers a unique opportunity to positively impact attitudes and behaviors in areas where people do not otherwise have access to media. Because the built-in speaker allows people to record their feedback, it can also be an invaluable source of powerful insights into the challenges communities face when trying to adopt new behaviors.

By giving communities a voice through the Talking Book and listening to feedback, together we can update and improve content to address specific needs.

Become an amplio affiliatE

Amplio partners with the most respected organizations in global development. To support their goals, we’re interested in working with qualified organizations, including social and behavior change communications professionals, that have a presence in the countries and regions our global partners want to reach.

We love to connect with organizations that seek innovative ways to reach vulnerable communities and have the capacity to:

  • Incorporate the Talking Book within existing programs and activities
  • Develop high quality, engaging audio content in local languages or dialects
  • Collaborate with our team to design new programs and provide oversight, including M&E reports
  • Provide technology training and services including field deployments, user feedback translation, and data analytics
  • Find new partners and run their own Talking Book programs

Join our affiliate network

Would you like to work with Amplio to design and manage Talking Book programs and partnerships? We’re always looking for great new affiliates. Feel free to send us a message, so we can connect.

“Through the Talking Book we’ve learned where to access fertilizer and how to apply it to our crops. Our farm animals used to die prematurely, but now we know how to care for them.”

Dorsaa Athanasius, farmer


Amplio is a US-based nonprofit that helps international organizations, governments, and local NGOs share knowledge through audio technology to amplify their reach in underserved, low-literate communities.


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