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Ready, Set, Grow with the Miller Center's 2022 ScaleOut Cohort

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Amplio Talking Books have reached 13 countries, including Haiti and Bangladesh.

Amplio's Executive Director Cliff Schmidt is one of six high-potential social entrepreneurs selected for the Miller Center's new ScaleOut Program

Amplio’s founder and executive Director Cliff Schmidt has been selected by the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship to participate in its new ScaleOut Program. The course is designed to help social entrepreneurs develop a scaling execution plan and story based on best practices so that they are set up for success.

The 2022 ScaleOut cohort includes six high-potential social entrepreneurs who are ready to scale. To qualify, they were required to have a proven business model and to have demonstrated significant impact. All are alumni of a previous Miller Center accelerator, and some of them have gone through multiple programs.

Cliff has been part of the Miller Center’s Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) community since 2010. Early on, he participated in GSBI Incubator and Accelerator programs. In 2018, he participated in the Technology Entrepreneurship for Change (TECh) Accelerator, a mentorship program for Tech Award laureates—specifically, GSBI alumni who are also past recipients of the Tech Museum’s Tech Awards.

Cliff recently participated in Impact Measurement and Management, a Miller Center partnership and pilot program with Sopact. He said he continues to learn and benefit from the coursework, mentorship, and professional network.

“Miller Center experts, mentors, and entrepreneur peers help me to think through how Amplio can maximize its impact. I’ve learned a lot about strategic planning, evaluation, and communication with impact investors and venture philanthropists,” he said.

Amplio is poised to expand access to Talking Books and is transforming lives through audio technology in 13 countries already.



Starting a new enterprise is difficult, and expanding it can be even more challenging. Analysis of a database of 10,000 commercial startups from around the globe showed that fewer than one in a hundred enterprises grow substantially. The challenges intensify for social enterprises, whose goals are measured in social and environmental impact rather than profit.

You can read the Miller Center Replication and Scaling whitepaper here.


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