Technology is a valuable tool, but it is not a solution on its own. Amplio has developed a sustainable and scalable multi-phase program to support the deployment of Talking Books and engage communities in a cycle of learning and improvement. That is because we understand the importance of properly introducing technology like the Talking Book into a community.

Depending on our partners’ needs. we provide a range of program services, including contextualized content creation, technology leasing, and support. We work together to design a program model and budget to fit each partner’s needs.

And because our technology offers a continuous feedback loop by capturing usage data and user comments, we are able to work with our partners to make constant improvements to the user experience while facilitating monitoring and evaluating efforts.

Our solution

a multi-phase program to maximize program effectiveness

Content design and production

Once program goals are established, our partners use local expertise to design and produce culturally relevant audio content in local languages and dialects. They typically work with drama groups, musicians, community members, and social leaders to create engaging, educational content including songs, dramas, interviews, and peer endorsements.



Our tech services include Talking Book sales, leasing, batteries, and spare parts. We also provide and support an audio content manager, Android phone app, and analytics dashboard.


We provide best practices and training for deploying Talking Books to end users. This includes preparing for the initial distribution of Talking Books to communities, as well as updating devices every three months to refresh content and pull usage data. Every package of content should build on the previous, so users continue to deepen their learning on priority topics throughout the year. This also allows messages to be aligned with your program objectives at different times of the year, such as school enrollment, planting season, etc.

Measure and evaluate

We analyze usage statistics and user feedback which allows you to monitor programs and improve content. The data allows you to monitor when and where each Talking Book is updated and which messages are listened to in each community. Performance analytics and user feedback help your team make informed decisions while gaining a deeper understanding of the issues communities face.

Ways to listen

Talking Books can be used in various settings, with different program models. Some organizations integrate Talking Books with programs that are already in progress to reinforce knowledge and strengthen outcomes. Many communities are familiar with radio, and they appreciate the convenience of being able to listen to Talking Books when and where it works for them.


Talking Books can be used for sharing knowledge in groups like village savings and loan associations, where people listen together and discuss what they’re learning.

IN Households

Talking Books can be used for sharing knowledge across generations in households where family members listen together and then discuss new ideas and evaluate new behaviors.

Through Outreach

Community health workers use Talking Books as a teaching aid to present consistent, accurate messages and information. Many community agents say Talking Books give them more authority in their community.


Experience the power of Talking Books messages for yourself. Messages can be influencer or peer endorsements, dramas, interviews songs and more. Our partners have the expertise to understand which content will be most effective for each audience.

“Storytelling is something we value in our culture because it is a way of teaching people how to behave well. We recorded our own stories on the Talking Book to teach our youth.”

Fidelis Da-ure, Ving Ving, Ghana

“Storytelling is something we value in our culture because it is a way of teaching people how to behave well. We recorded our own stories on the Talking Book to teach our youth.”

Fidelis Da-ure, Ving Ving, Ghana

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