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Our rugged, easy-to-use Amplio Talking Book audio device is designed for people who can’t read and who live in rural and remote areas where there’s no electricity or internet. Our cloud-based technology platform includes an audio content manager, an app to load new content onto Talking Books and collect usage data and user feedback in the field, and an dashboard for monitoring and evaluating data for each community.

We’re always working to improve our technology. A new Talking Book is in development that will work with rechargeable batteries and be powered by an Arm Cortex M4 processor.

The Amplio Talking Book runs on locally available batteries that people already use for their radios or flashlights. A new version in the development will work with rechargeable batteries for greater sustainability.

Talking Book Features

  • Each Talking Book can store hours of audio messaging and information.
  • A built-in speaker allows families and groups to listen and learn together.
  • A built-in microphone lets users recorder their feedback.
  • Embossed icons help low literate people to navigate topics and select the messages they want to hear, even in the dark.
  • A USB port enables staff to plug in smartphone to update content and collect data in the field.

Audio Content Manager

  • Talking Book programs typically require content updates (new messages and information) every three months.
  • The new content gets loaded into our Talking Book audio content manager (ACM).
  • We use the ACM to add metadata to each audio file, including topic category, language, speaker, type of message, and intended audience or community.
  • Audio files are sequenced into playlists for each topic in a Talking Book “content package.”

Talking Book App

  • Amplio’s laptop and smartphone app lets you select and load content onto Talking Books in places where there’s no internet.
  • The smartphone app uses GPS to identify nearby villages and the right content package for each community.
  • When your mobile phone or laptop is connected to a Talking Book’s USB port, you can use the app to load new content and automatically collect usage data and user feedback recordings at the same time.
  • The app sends the data to a cloud-based analytics dashboard the next time it connects to a WiFi or 3G/LTE network.

Amplio dashboard

  • Amplio uses analytics to track, aggregate, and visualize Talking Book content and program performance.
  • Our dashboard offers a consolidated view of the content deployment progress, usage statistics, and user feedback for every Talking Book community and device.
  • Analytics help Talking Book partners monitor engagement, identify issues and trends, and continually update and improve their content or program for greater impact.

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