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Fidelis Da-ure talks about the impact of the Talking Book in the lives of farmers living in the small village of Ving Ving, Ghana.
Braole Felix describes agricultural development lessons that he has learned from the Talking Book. Farmers who use Talking Books experience an increase in crop yield compared to those who do not.

Nadowli Kuubataanono, a traditional birth assistant (TBA) in Ving Ving, Ghana, says Talking Books teach life-changing health and agriculture lessons.

Zambo Pogdaa, a farmer and resident of Ving Ving, Ghana, describes her experiences with the Talking Book
Kamingtanye Gervaise, a farmer in Ving Ving, Ghana, shares the lessons he learned about increasing his crop yield by listening to the Talking Book.
Kulaa Tizza, a farmer living in the community of Gyanvurri in the Upper West Region of Ghana, talks about how the Talking Book Program has helped him achieve self-sustenance for him and his family.

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