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About Us

Amplio is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower the world's most vulnerable communities through knowledge sharing.

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Bridging the knowledge gap 

Amplio was founded in 2007 to address global poverty by creating simple, cost-effective, technology-based solutions to empower low-literate people with access to knowledge. We focus on reaching the most marginalized and underserved populations in remote rural areas. Together with our partners and supporters, we deliver programs across many sectors, including agriculture, health, education, and women's empowerment. 




People Reached



Our Values

In our strategic planning and day-to-day work, we keep our values in mind and at heart. 



Through teamwork and collaboration, we can more effectively reach and impact the world’s most vulnerable communities.


We honor a commitment to continually update and improve our technology and services to ensure Talking Book partner and program success.


We listen closely to the voices and perspectives of others, especially those whom we serve, and value their insights and feedback.



We communicate openly, share information, and challenge each other’s thinking and expectations to build trust.



Individually and as a team, we try new ideas, learn from our successes and failures, and share what we learn with others.

Our Values
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Cliff Schmidt

In 2007, Cliff Schmidt founded Amplio (as Literacy Bridge) to address global poverty through innovative technology. An experienced software developer, Cliff led the development of the Talking Book audio device in partnership with colleagues from Microsoft and communities in northern Ghana.

Recognition for impact 

We are proud to be recognized for innovative technology and programs to improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable people. 

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Selected for Arm’s 2030Vision that supports innovative technologies to achieve the Global Goals.

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Joined Clinton Global Initiative,  promoting solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.

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Recognized by UNESCO-Pearson Initiative for Literacy as a digital solution for low-literate people.

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Received a WISE award at the Qatar Foundation's World Innovation Summit for Education.

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Founder Cliff Schmidt received a Microsoft Integral Fellows award in 2010 and 2014.

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Our founder was selected as the 2012 education laureate for using tech to improve lives.

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Featured as an Agent for Social Change in 2013 for efforts to fix poverty and injustice.

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