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SBC Impact Designer

Amplio is creating an open-source, social and behavior change (SBC) digital platform — co-designed with and for SBC practitioners.


➡️ Watch am SBC Impact Designer product demo and Q&A - a video recording of our webinar on April 19, 2023 > 

Watch the SBC Impact Designer video with French subtitles here.

The Problem

Development organizations recognize the benefit of SBC programming but they often don’t know where to start. There's a lot to consider when integrating SBC approaches into program design, implementation, management, and accountability. Even programs with a strong SBC foundation can fail when there’s a gap between design (e.g., theory of change) and implementation (tracking each activity). 

Our Solution

SBC Impact Designer offers guidance to help you design, plan, manage, and evaluate each step of your social and behavior change program. It integrates SBC best practices, intuitive project management, and human-centered design.


Most importantly, SBC Impact Designer supports collaboration with communities and all stakeholders for learning and success. 


(explore a few examples) 

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Project Status

Over the past year, Amplio has consulted with more than 50 social and behavior change experts from 37 UNICEF country offices to get their input on what SBC Impact Designer should include. 

We want your feedback and collaboration, too! 

Partner with us!

We are looking for partners to contribute to the SBC Impact Designer project – from SBC experts and graphic designers to software developers and project funders.

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