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Consulting Services

Our Basic Service Package will get you up to speed with Talking Book technology. If you need more help, let us know! Explore our consulting services below.

Amplio consulting services include program design, monitoring and evaluation, technology training, and more.

Program Design and Management

Amplio can provide support across your project cycle. 

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Situational Assessment

Our team can work with you to conduct a situational assessment to understand and segment your target audience, identify behavioral barriers and drivers, and develop clear program objectives.

Strategy Design

Based on your program goals and target audience analysis, we will design the best strategy to deploy and manage Talking Books, alongside other communications and engagement strategies as needed.​

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Content and Message Design


We can develop key messages and creative briefs to support the production of Talking Book audio content. We can also work with creative agencies to develop content and field test messaging.​



Implementation Plans


Our team can create a detailed roadmap (with defined activities, tasks, inputs, timelines, and outputs) to support the implementation of your program and communications strategy.


Field Logistics


Depending on the geographic location, Amplio can manage the field logistics for your Talking Book program, including device distribution, content updates, and data collection activities.  

Community Facilitation


Depending on the location, our team can facilitate community dialogues and stakeholder meetings to discuss Talking Book lessons and identify solutions to local challenges or barriers.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Amplio offers customized monitoring and evaluation plans, tools, and reports. We can also provide enumerator training. 

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Custom Monitoring

Amplio will design a monitoring plan to help you meet your organizational or grant reporting requirements, with up to 10 custom indicators. This includes the development of custom monitoring tools, training, and quarterly reports.

Operational Research

Amplio will design a study and data collection tools to assess your Talking Book program implementation. We will analyze the data and create a narrative report and a visual presentation to inform your programming.

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Impact Evaluation

Amplio will design an impact study, including data collection tools, tailored to your needs and budget. Once the study is completed, we will analyze the data and create both a narrative report and a visual presentation of its findings.

Custom Dashboard 

Amplio will create custom queries and visualizations based on your program’s desired indicators. We will integrate the 

visualizations into your dashboard.


User Feedback Analysis

In certain countries, we can provide local language speakers to help you manage the qualitative analysis of your program's Talking Book user feedback.


The analysis process includes listening to, coding, transcribing, and translating the recorded messages. We can provide a full narrative analysis of key findings from user feedback and make recommendations for your program strategy moving forward.

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Training and Capacity Building

If your team needs more support, let us know. We can point you to some high-quality resources or design a customized training package.

Training and Skills Development

Our Basic Service Package includes remote training to onboard your staff with Talking Book program technology and processes. If your team needs more support over the course of your project, we can design and deliver a custom training package, online or in-person. 

Participatory Engagement

Our team has years of experience designing and facilitating participatory community engagement processes.  We can work with you to identify your needs, and design and deliver training and services to suit your situation.

Behavior Change Communication

There are some high-quality, open-source materials to support behavior change communications skills development. If your team wants a hands-on, personalized training approach, we can work with you to design and deliver a curriculum at a scale and pace that suits your learning needs. ​

Let's connect!

If you have questions about our consulting services, please ask. We are happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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