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Our Impact

Millions of people lack access to knowledge because of poverty, low literacy, and gender inequalities. We amplify program reach and knowledge sharing through audio technology. See our program map below.  

Talking Book Projects



Talking Book listener


People served

Countries with Talking Book programs



Through a partnership with UNICEF and Ghana Health Service, community health nurses use Amplio Talking Books to deliver consistent and accurate local language health messages.

© UNICEF/Joseph Mills

Partnering For Impact

We work with local experts, government agencies, and international organizations to share knowledge across many sectors.

Amplifying Community Voices

Our technology creates a community feedback loop that's hard to match in the remote areas we work. 

In northern Ghana, a community member speaks up during a Talking Book listening group.

Our Technology in Action

Through Talking Book programs and partnerships, we're sharing knowledge to help families grow more food, earn income, and keep their children safe and healthy. 


"With the Amplio Talking Book, people can access information in their own language, on demand. The Talking Book was our number one tool besides GROW field agents. Everyone loved it!”

Karen Walsh, Country Program Director,

Greater Rural Opportunities for Women (GROW), MEDA 


Knowledge is Power

Help bridge the knowledge gap through inclusive digital technology and unlock potential for people with low literacy. 

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