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Webinar recap: Evaluating Digital Solutions for Diverse Environments - with Farmerline

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

In a March 18 workshop with Farmerline, we explored how to evaluate digital solutions for three diverse settings: agriculture extension, humanitarian assistance, and civic engagement.

When designing communication strategies, there are many tools and channels you can use. How do you choose the right solution for reaching your target groups?

In our workshop with Farmerline on March 18, we discussed how to analyze target populations and evaluate various communication channels, from in-person training to voice and SMS to Talking Books. The idea is to build a multi-layer approach so that no one is left behind. Our panelists led breakout sessions to explore three different settings: agriculture extension, humanitarian assistance, and civic engagement.

Missed the workshop? Watch a video recording of our webinar.


  • Lily Akorfa Keledorme, Head of Farmer & Partner Engagement, Farmerline

  • Bea Covington, Global Partnerships Director, Amplio

  • Gumah Tiah, Ghana Country Director, Amplio

  • Lindsay Dakan, Global Partners Program Manager, Amplio

  • Lisa Zook, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor, Amplio

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