• Erin Inclan

Inspire, Motivate, and Educate: Transforming Lives with Gilbert Nkpeniyeng

Gilbert was one of the first Talking Book listeners. Today, he's a motivational speaker!

In 2008, Gilbert Nkpeniyeng was one of the very first Talking Book listeners when we field-tested the Talking Book in Ving Ving, his community in northern Ghana. 

Today, Gilbert is a recent college graduate with a vision to transform lives through the power of education. In August, he spent a month volunteering for Amplio Ghana before starting his year of national service. 

"I know there are people out there who need some knowledge in order to achieve their dreams."

"The Talking Book has made a lot of great differences in my community. People are now aware of the best practices in agriculture and health," Gilbert explained. "A lot of people have been motivated to go to school or continue with their education because of the Talking Book. And that has increased the literacy rate in Ving Ving." 

In December, Gilbert was a featured speaker at Amplio's annual event. You can watch him share his story and vision in the video below. We know you'll be inspired!

Watch Gilbert share his Talking Book story and his vision to inspire and educate others.

Back in 2019, when we first interviewed Gilbert, he told us he nearly quit school before encountering the Talking Book. "The Talking Book inspired me with messages to keep going because education is my life," he explained. 

Gilbert had to overcome enormous challenges to stay in school but he persevered. And he doesn't plan to stop. His new goal is to pursue a master's degree and a Ph.D. "My goal is to inspire, encourage, motivate, and educate people," Gilbert said.

"The world is changing, the world is transforming, because of the Talking Book activities."

"With all the impact the Talking Book has had on my life, I just want to say thank you to all Amplio donors, and I want to say thank you to the Amplio team. You are doing a great job out there. There are a lot of vulnerable communities that are receiving the impact. Please keep on with the good work. The world is changing, the world is transforming, because of the Talking Book activities."

In August, Gilbert spent a month volunteering for Amplio Ghana.

Talking Books have made a difference for Gilbert and his community, but millions of people still need access to the knowledge to grow more food, keep their children healthy, earn income, and achieve their dreams.

If you're moved and inspired by Gilbert's story, we hope you'll make a gift to Amplio to help us share knowledge and transform more lives.

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